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Friends of Sandringham Park

We are a small group trying to make a big difference in anti social behaviour in the area by improving the services and support given to local resident’s by local resident’s.
We work in Wetherby’s Green Flag award winning Sandringham Park for 2012/2013 and also 2013/2014. We are proud to have two Royal Oak Saplings in our park and a letter from the Queen. We have received Wildlife awards and are on level 3 of the Yorkshire in Bloom – Neighbourhood Awards.
We organise events for the community in the park including : The Eden Project Big Lunch, an annual Lark in the Park fun day , clean up and planting days.
We work closely with all the agencies and also Keep Britain Tidy, The Green Flag Awards, The Woodlands Trust. We have so far planted 120 saplings in the park and seeded a wildlife area this year.

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